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7. Internet sites

7.1 Homepages

These are the home pages of some people worth visiting (some links are broken, sorry ;( ):

7.2 Games

This are sites of interesting games for Linux and Window$:

7.3 Important organisations


Computer Science

Computer Science Documentation

Web languages

Documentation and tutorials for web languages.
CSS Tips & Tricks
CSS examples from the WWW Consortium.
HTML tags
Explanation of all HTML and XHTML tags.
CSS Zen Garden


Different computer formats description
Microsoft Word format
Description of Microsoft .doc file format.
Matroska format
BitTorrent + Creative Commons License metadata
A proposal for mixing BitTorrent and the Creative Commons Licensing scheme.


Hardware specifications and benchmarks.
CPU benchmark
Benchmark of 65 processors from 1994 to 2003.
Free CPUs
A list of free design of CPUs.

Open Source

Interesting sites for the Free Software/Open Source community.
Internet Explorer vs Mozilla Firefox
Differences between Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Linux User Group of Paris


Hacks and tricks of everyday life.
Credit card number generator
Generator for credit card numbers. It also explains where these numbers come from.


Dealing with Microsoft software
Report bugs for Internet Explorer
Guido's Linux® USB page
Yahoo! Business and Economy > Shopping and Services > Communication and Information Management > Telephony > Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs)
Release-critical bugs status, Thu Mar 27 12:04:00 UTC 2003
Unofficial Gentoo/Hurd Project :: Project Related Downloads
Kernel versions
Linux Software Encyclopedia
Linux et ROC - solutions et articles de reconnaissance optique descharactères de logiciel de ROC de Linux
SecurityFocus home vulns exploit: Microsoft Internet Explorer CLSID File Extension M
Netcraft: is a weapon of mass destruction
SwopNet GPS Waypoint DataBank - Waypoints for GPS Users
V.E.R.A. Search Results

Amusement et divertissement

Jeux, musique et photographies.


Encyclopedia of Chess Openings
Finales suicide chess
Rachel's Super MOO List


meish dot org :: be my anti-valentine
Kristin Thomas Spam Poetry
Quantum computing
UserFriendly Strip Comments
Flowchart evil genius
UserFriendly Strip
Testi comici


Monitor tuning
Accurate Image Manipulation
Photo course
Photo course
Powershot G1/G2/G3 FAQ
EXIF Canon
Galerie du ciel
Galerie du ciel
Steve's Digicams
Steve's Digicams
Digital Camera Support for UN*X

TV shows

Futurama Episode Guide


My Internet projects

Yahoo! Voice Chat

Sites interesting for implementing Yahoo! Voice Chat in libyahoo2.
[Everybuddy] voice chat support
Windows SDK Documentation
Welcome to the MSDN Library


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Pagina principale - Wikipedia
Accueil - Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie gratuite et libre
Main Page - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hauptseite - Wikipedia
Strona główna - Wikipedia
Заглавная страница - Википедия
Main Page - Wikimedia's Meta wiki
Pagina prima - Wikipedia
Message on OMDB
List of TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2004 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Anything about Friend-of-a-Friend I am interested these days.
w3photo: Image Region Vocabulary
W3PhotoVocabs - ESW Wiki


Ascii Table
UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ

Utilities for gHexy

Programming API References
GLib Manual
GLib 2.2.2 API Referencs Manual
GDK Manual
GDK 2.2.2 API Reference Manual
GTK+ Manual
GTK+ 2.2.2 API Reference Manual


Sites d'actualités et journaux.
Met Office: Paris
Wired News
Google News
Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters
FunnyNews -- L'Actualité (commentée)
Donald Rumsfeld under attack


Encyklopedia leków

Langues et literature

Langues et literature etrangères et français


Sites about Japanese language.
Hiragana Writing Tutor
Flower Meanings - Pictures and Meanings Of Flowers at 1-800-FLORALS
Linguaggio dei fiori
The Postmodernism Generator: Communications From Elsewhere
FrwwW - Prefixes portables

Język polski

Sites about Polish language
Gramatyka języka polskiego


Liens intéressants pour le mathématiques.
World of Mathematics
SMF - Actualité du site
Library of Congress
Help On LaTeX Commands
MIT OpenCourseWare | Mathematics
Un carnet d'adresses avec BibTeX
Metadonnés Mathématiques
Research group Esnault-Viehweg: books
Lie group


ACME Digital Camera Database
CD-Writer Datenbank
German SuSE Linux mailinglist: 800MB mit cdrecord
Froogle Internet Megastore-Low Prices on Top Brands
Kelkoo - votre moteur de shopping : premier comparateur de prix européen
Raynox Conversion Lenses for Canon PoweShot G3 Digital Camera


Music, mathematical music and so on.
At - Internet Radio Stations Online
RFE/RL Romanian Service
SUNSET RADIO - Online Radio, TV, Newspapers & MP3 Index
Classical Music, CLASSICAL MUSIC Internet Radio Streaming Directory
GNU-Friends || UK Commercial Radio network streaming in Ogg Vorbis - Ogg Vorbis Internet Radio Stations
Distributed Proofreaders :: View topic - Distributive Proofreader for Music
Music Notation - MusiXML - XML music notation file format
Open Directory - Arts: Music: Resources: Downloadable Music Sheets: Public Domain
The Sheet Music Archive Single Listing Page
100 Years Series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
vTuner - Live Internet Radio Broadcasts Around the World
Metamath Music Page


About e-mail, instant messaging and other communication tools.
SmartEar plugin for Gaim
A plugin for the Gaim instant messenger that allows you to deeply personalize the sounds.
Free sound effects
Public domain sound effects you can use e.g. with Smartear.

Pratical life

Some useful links in pratical life
Telephone Calling Codes

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